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1959 Grumman OV-1C Mohawk

OV-1C Mohawk “Whispering Death” (Vietcong Nickname)

SN – 68-15934

The Grumman OV-1 Mohawk is an armed military observation and attack aircraft that was designed for battlefield surveillance and light strike capabilities. It has a twin-turboprop configuration and carries two crew members in side-by-side seating. The Mohawk was intended to operate from short, unimproved runways in support of United States Army maneuver forces.

OV-1 Mohawk


Dimensions & Capacity

Crew: 2 – Pilot & Bombardier/Navigator (BN)
Length: 41 ft 0 in (12.50 m)
Wingspan: 48 ft 0 in (14.63 m)
Height: 12 ft 8 in (3.86 m)
Empty Weight: 12,054 lb (5,468 kg)
Max Take Off Weight: 18,109 lb (8,214 kg)


Speed: 305 mph (491 km/h, 265 kn) (IR mission)
Service Ceiling: 25,000 ft (7,600 m)
Range: 944 mi (1,519 km, 820 nmi) with external tanks

“This aircraft on loan from the National Naval Aviation Museum on behalf of the Navy History and Heritage Command”

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