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The VAC Giving Page

The Valiant Air Command, Inc. is appreciative of our fans, members, volunteers, and the public that generously give their donations, time, and funds in support of the Aircraft, Organization, and Museum in general. Your donations allow us to stay open, keep aircraft flying, tugs rolling, and help us acquire new and exciting aircraft and memorabilia for our organization. The VAC Staff almost all-volunteer, even the Board of Directors, who want to share this great collection and share what we know with the public. This is all driven by a passionate motive to forward our history of the items in our collection, and the Men and Women that battle in often faraway places to keep us and our families safe as a nation. We have teamed with the organization Network For Good to handle our funding pages, giving the Public, Members, and Volunteers an opportunity to donate securely through various common online methods. Outlined below are our current Giving Campaigns that we ask you to explore today. Thank you for your interest and continued generous support of the Valiant Air Command, Inc.

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