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Supporting Our Mission Membership

We have three main categories of Valiant Air Command, Inc. membership, Individual, Family, and Multi-Year. Membership brings many benefits including FREE year-round access to the Warbird Museum, a 10% discount on Gift Shop Items, Monthly updates, and exclusive access to all VAC events including our annual Space Coast Warbird Airshow. Invitation to member-only events throughout the year.

Single Membership
  • $125 / Year
Multi-Year Membership
  • $500 / 5 Years
  • $875 / 10 Years
  • $1500 / 20 Years
Family Membership
  • $150 / Year
    • (2) Adults & any children under 18 living in the same household.
C-47 Tico Belle

Donations and Corporate Sponsorship

Maintaining these wonderful aircraft is an expensive business including restoration, maintenance and fuel for our airworthy aircraft. A full repaint of an aircraft can cost $15,000. We hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Valiant Air Command, Inc. Your generosity ensures the preservation of these historical aircraft and the continuation of the VAC’s mission.

Visit Us & Soar Through History!