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Warbird Air Museum’s Aircraft Restoration Hangar

Warbird Air Museum’s professional aircraft restoration team in Titusville, Florida, is preserving the history of some of our nation’s most prolific pieces of military aviation. Our team has received approval from the USAF and the USN to restore timed-out aircraft to their as-built conditions for the purposes of display, photos, and teaching their historical significance.

Fabricating Missing Parts

The aircraft with the most valuable history often have seen the most severe wear and tear. This can result in parts that are completely missing. The members of our restoration team are experts at fabricating and replacing these missing parts. This involves detailed research into the exact design and specs of the missing parts and their production methods. This process is one of the most necessary steps in returning these essential pieces of history to their initial condition.

Reviving Compromised Parts

Sections of aircraft often need some care to return them to their as-built condition. Each problem requires a special plan to bring it back to life. Luckily, we have a wide range of world-class renovators that can handle any damage to an aircraft. This involves replacing sections of corroded metal, repainting areas, and performing mechanical work. However, when they are finished with an aircraft, it looks just like the day it took its first flight.

Cockpit Renovations

The cockpit of a warbird is very important to the historical preservation of any aircraft because it is where the brave men and women in them spent most of their time. The cockpit is also one of an airplane’s most complex and intricate areas, though. So, we perform careful cockpit renovations that include everything from instrument panels to the upholstery on the seating.

F-104 Restoration Image

Aircraft Waiting for Renovations

Our renovation team is always busy with new, exciting renovations. We have a revolving list of aircraft that we are working on at any time. At the moment, we have five aircraft waiting their turn, which are:

  • A -6E Intruder
  • Fouga Magister CM.70
  • S2F Tracker
  • Mig-21U Mongol
  • RU-21A UTE Beechcraft

Visit Us & Soar Through History!